Palala Rhino Sanctuary

At Palala Rhino Sanctuary you have the opportunity to capture some great pictures and you are able to record the Rhinos in their natural environment.

This 88 000 hectares private game reserve is well known for its an environmental school that helps teach young South Africans the importance of nature conservation. The Lephalala River that runs through the reserve is home to many hippo and crocodile and also attracts a variety of birdlife.

The Rhino Museum provides interesting information and exhibits on the history and habitat of this majestic creature. The reserve also has a successful black rhino breeding programme.

Mokopane Biodiversity Centre

The Mokopane Biodiversity Centre is a must-visit for anyone who appreciates and is concerned with nature and wildlife and the crisis facing many species around the world.

Established in 1981, the 1300 hectares Centre is an arm of the National Zoo in Pretoria, and is used for the breeding of Black Rhino, Roan Antelope, Tsessebe (also antelope species), Lemur and other endangered species as well as associated research. Funds are partially raised through visitors to the Centre and there is a strong focus on educational and recreational facilities to make learning fun and informative.

The Centre is comprised of breeding enclosures and camps and is home to a variety of endangered wildlife species from South and Southern Africa, the rest of Africa, South East Asia and South America.

On May 28th, 2010, the Mokopane Biodiversity Conservation Centre hit world headlines with the birth of an extremely rare male African Pygmy Hippo. The newborn is especially important to hippopotamus conservation efforts because male babies are particularly uncommon. The baby’s name is Oxo.